WEB Humidifier Register, 2-Pack

WEB Humidifier Register, 2-Pack



Humidifying Floor Vent Register
WEB's newest innovation provides moisture during winter dry months in any room. The WEB Humidifier Register simply replaces your existing standard floor vent registers. In winter months, when the air in your home is dry, this is a cost effective and easy alternative to a plug-in humidifier. What makes this register so unique is the water chamber and wick filter. When water is added, the wick filter draws moisture from the water chamber. Once your furnace cycles on, moist air automatically fills the room by passing through the wick filter.

  • Adds moisture to the air you breathe.
  • Helps to prevent wood from drying out.
  • Helps to prevent static electricity.
  • Fits 4" x 12" and 4" x 10" registers.
  • Includes 2 wick filters.

The WEB Humidifier Register is also available individually.
WEB Humidifier Register

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