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Absorber Filter Installation


A. Measure or Cut Filter Parts

  1. Determine the appropriate size for the plastic grid. You may use your old filter as your guide. NOTE: Outside dimensions of filters are down sized 3/8" inch. For example, if your filter size is 16" x 25", then the actual filter dimensions are 15 5/8" x 24 5/8".

  2. Using household scissors and the ruler provided, cut the filter pads and plastic grid to the appropriate size.

Measure & cut filter parts

Using heavy scissors - cut filter pads and plastic grid to appropriate size

B. Attach Filter Parts to grid

  1. Place plastic grid on a table or other raised surface, flat side up.

  2. Position the black carbon pad on top of plastic grid. Double check to be sure that the flat side of the plastic grid is touching the black carbon pad. Place the green electrostatic pad on top of the black carbon pad.

Use a screwdriver to punch two holes through both pads in the corner of the filter pads

Insert the plastic fastener

  1. Prepare to attach the plastic fasteners, slide the filter pads and plastic grid toward you so that it overhangs the table by three to four inches. Use pointed end of household scissors to punch two holes through both pads in the corner of the filter pads.

  2. Insert the plastic fastener; open the fastener by spreading the two round ends apart. Starting on top of the filter pads, thread the two ends down through the two holes punched in the filter pads, and around the plastic grid line. Close the fastener by twisting the two rounded ends together. Once closed, the fastener should secure the filter pad to the plastic grid.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 to position the four remaining fasteners. Place a fastener in each corner, and one in the center.

Insert placement

C. Install the Filter

  • Verify airflow direction of system before installing filter. Place the filter in your furnace/AC system. Make sure to insert the filter so that airflow enters the green side first. Air should exit the filter through the plastic grid.

  • Remember to replace the filter at least every 90 days.

Note: The grid holds the pad in place in your furnace/AC system.