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Cleaning WEB Air Filters

The unit should be washed every 30 days, Replace filter pad every 5 years or as needed).*

Washing Procedure:

Remove filter pad by grasping corner and then gently peel it out of frame.

Rinse by hand with water until dust is removed. Be careful not to stretch filter pad. Let dry completely. Helpful hint: Keep an extra pad available. Note: The WEB replacement pad also works with Lowe’s 5 year filter.

Replace filter pad by tucking into the frame with blue side of filter pad next to the plastic grid. Note: Filter unit must be cleaned regularly using above instructions to prevent damage to furnace/AC units.

* The WEB Filter Cleaner, a specially formulated organic cleaning agent, is ideal for deep cleaning. Order online!

Replace filter pad on Original WEB or Lowe’s 5 year filter every 5 years or as needed with the WEB Replacement Pad