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High Efficiency furnace and air conditioning filters
The importance of filtered air. The dust in our homes is made up of pollen, mold, dander from your pets, bacteria and other particles floating through the air. Dusting, vacuuming, cooking and other common household activities can easily increase these pollutants. The effects from breathing these airborne particles in your home can range from sneezing, irritated eyes, and many other symptoms. People who suffer from allergies and asthma can benefit from the effects of high efficiency furnace filters and air conditioning filters.

The filters in your heating and cooling system is a good starting place when thinking about ways to create a healthier living environment. Today, more than ever, air quality is a high priority since the air in our home passes through the air filtration system approximately 4 times an hour when it's running. By choosing the right air filter for your system you can greatly improve the air your family breathes.

There are different types of furnace filters available;

Standard fiberglass furnace filters that were simply designed to protect the HVAC system and nothing else. These air filters aren't a good choice since they don't control dust, pollen and mold. WEB manufactures high efficiency air filters only. The standard fiberglass filters aren't available in the WEB air filter line.

Washable, reusable high efficiency furnace and air conditioning filters. WEB offers two choices; The WEB and WEB Plus are washable and reusable electrostatic air filters. These high efficient air filters trap airborne particles that are allergy triggers for many people.

Pleated HEPA-type filters are available and offer one of the best solutions for capturing pollen, dust, dander and other irritating airborne particles. HEPA-Pure's mini-pleat technology increases surface area to trap a high percentage of airborne contaminants!

WEB's newest innovation is a break-through in air quality for your home! The Eliminator UV Air Filter, with a germicidal ultraviolet (UV) light attached directly on the filter, helps sanitize the air by killing the airborne contaminants as they pass through the specially designed filter. This air filter is the best choice for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.




  • change or clean your air filter monthly
  • have your whole home heating and cooling system inspected often by a trusted HVAC contractor
  • have your whole home heating and cooling system inspected often by a trusted HVAC contractor
  • prevent mold growth by cleaning and disinfecting and keeping surfaces in your living spaces dry
  • have fireplace and flues checked and serviced
  • clean exhaust fans and vents in bathrooms and kitchen
  • test fire alarms/smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors and replace batteries as needed