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Humidifier Register Installation

The WEB Humidifier Register is an easy to use floor vent register that will add moisture to the air in your home. Use in rooms where added moisture is needed such as children’s rooms, bedrooms, family and main living areas. Once your furnace cycles on, moist air will automatically fill the room by passing through the WEB Wick Filter.

1. Remove your existing vent register from the floor duct.

2. Insert your new Humidifier Register into the floor duct and place WEB Wick Filter into the water chamber as shown.

3. Carefully pour approximately 2 cups of clean water into the water chamber. There are three easy ways to fill…

5. Add water regularly to Humidifier Register for moist air benefits.

NOTE: For year-round use, during air conditioning season, remove WEB Wick Filter and use as a decorative floor vent register. During dry seasons WEB Wick Filter must be in place for register to be effective. Any yellowing that may occur on the WEB Wick Filter is natural and will not affect the performance of the product.

Replace WEB Wick Filter every 90 days or as needed, when in use. For best results use genuine WEB Wick Filter.

Call 1-800-875-3212 for WEB Wick Filter ordering information.