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Preventing Mold In The Home With Air Filters


Furnace filters are perhaps the only way through which you can keep mold at bay. Many people would ask what purpose does the furnace filter or even the air conditioning filters serve in avoiding mold growth. One should remember that both these filters are aimed at preventing pollutants from entering your house. This ensures quality air circulating in and around your house, thereby controlling growth of mold. This is ensured since the air conditioning filters and the furnace filters control the overall temperature in your house and at the same time controlling the heat and cool air circulating in the rooms.

Most of the filter manufacturers in the country are adhering to the customer demands, a device that addresses the problem of mold growth in their homes. The furnace filters as well as the air conditioning filters limit the mold spores, which in turn help in limiting the reproduction of additional spores that leads to mold growth. There are many filters that the customers can select from and the best part about these filters is that they are made according to the sizes of the specific mold spores that are found in the homes, thereby helping you to effectively get rid of the problem.

Most of these spores can easily be removed by the technique of filtration. That’s relatively easy because the size of the mold spores is about 1 micron that makes it easily dispensable. It is found that even a standard filter system can give you a satisfactory result of about 80 percent, which is more than sufficient to rid you off your allergies. One of the most important things to be kept in mind is that the filters, whether furnace or air conditioning, should be cleaned regularly. The better you maintain the filters, the better efficiency you get. Statistics have also proved that if you maintain the filters regularly, the efficiency of preventing the spores can go well over 80 percent!

It is very important for you to change the filter systems, both, for the air conditioning filter as well as for the furnace system. The experts point out that most of these systems change the air three to six times in an hour, especially during the peak summer and winter periods so furnace filter replacement/air conditioner filter replacement is important. However, it is important to note that some mold spores are very fine and have the possibility to escape through the air filters. This demands a better level of filtration for your heating and cooling systems due to the small size of the mold spores.